Past Productions


Tomorrow, Inshallah

Playwright: Rehana Lew Mirza
Director: Jennifer Welch
Location: Detroit, MI and Lincoln, NE
Newsroom: HuffPost (Rowaida Abdelaziz and Chris Mathais)

As immigration dominates the national conversation Tomorrow, Inshallah holds a mirror to the American heartland and reflects the beauty and brutality of what it means to be Muslim in America today. The play is a collage based on interviews from HuffPost reporters Rowaida Abdelaziz and Chris Mathias delving into the realities of everyday existence and one catastrophic event that exemplifies the depth of misunderstanding and distrust that in the end, affects us all. 

Beaufitul Agitators 3, Clarksdale Ms..JPG

Beautiful Agitators

Playwrights: Aallyah Wright, Jessica James, Charles Coleman and Nick Houston
Director: Jennifer Welch
Locations: Clarksdale, Cleveland and Tutwiler, MS
Newsroom: Mississippi Today (Aallyah Wright and Jennifer Welch)

Headquartered at her beauty shop in downtown Clarksdale, Mississippi, Vera Mae Pigee played was an instrumental figure in the fight for equality in Mississippi: from her efforts organizing direct action with young people to registering thousands of African Americans to vote.


Journey to Emeraldville

Playwright: Eugenie Chan
Director: Jennifer Welch
Location: San Francisco, CA
Newsroom: Reveal and The Center for Investigative Reporting (Shoshana Walter)

Set in Humboldt County, California’s secretive marijuana industry, where whispers of sexual abuse and trafficking haunt a culture established by free-spirited back-to-the-landers.


Terra Incognita

Playwright: R.N. Sandberg
Director: Jim Jack
Location: Newark, NJ
Newsroom: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams (Brenda Flanagan)

An absurd dark comedy about a New Jersey family. Joseph and Lena have just paid off their mortgage and are looking forward to a bright and beautiful future until they discover that the UST(Underground Gas Storage Tank) in their backyard is leaking. Suddenly their life becomes a labyrinth of complex, bizarre and illogical attempts to clean up the fuel soaked soil beneath their home and prevent it from contaminating the groundwater and their marriage.

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Justice in the Embers

Playwright: Michelle T. Johnson
Director: Jennifer Welch
Locations: Kansas City, MO and Oakland, CA
Newsroom: Kansas City Public Television, Kansas City Star and Reveal (Mike McGraw and Jennifer Welch)

Inspired by Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Mike McGraw’s investigation into the tragic explosion that killed six Kansas City, Missouri, firefighters and the shockwaves that are still being felt in the community, decades later.

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Overnighters Is Over

Playwright: Jon Bernson
Filmmaker: Jesse Moss
Director: Jennifer Welch
Location: Los Angeles, CA
International Documentary Association and the Academy of Motion Pictures 

Based on “The Overnighters,” a Sundance award-winning documentary by Jesse Moss. This play explores ongoing stories about the film’s principal subjects, sheds light on Moss’ 18-month filmmaking process and draws connections between the contentious forces that have placed North Dakota at the center of international energy conflicts.


North by Inferno

Playwright: Jon Bernson
Director: Jennifer Welch
Locations: Williston, Grand Forks and Bismark, ND, Oakland, CA
Newsroom: Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting (Jennifer Gollan)

North by Inferno depicts the deadliest explosion in North Dakota’s Bakken oil fields in the last decade. In a series of intimate and brutal snapshots, the play confronts the circumstances that led to this tragedy and gives voice to the conflicting loyalties of workers who have flocked to the Bakken from around the country. 


Alicia's Miracle

Playwright: Octavio Solis
Director: Jennifer Welch
Locations: San Francisco and Oxnard, CA
Newsroom: Reveal and The Center for Investigative Reporting (Berniece Yeung and Andy Donahue)

Steeped in the tradition of El Teatro Camposino and performed in English and Spanish, Alicia's Miracle reveals the eroded regulations and hidden impacts of agricultural fumigants in California's billion-dollar strawberry industry. Through the eyes of a pregnant mother, a day laborer, a government official  and others, we learn how complex and pervasive this threat has become.


This Is Home

Playwrights: Tassianna Willis, Dante Clark, Will Houston and Deandre Evans
Directors: Jennifer Welch and Jose Vadi
Location: San Francisco, CA
Newsrooms: Reveal and The San Francisco Chronicle (Amy Julia Harris)

Sourced from reporter Amy Julia Harris’ Subsidized Squalor investigation and the poets’ own observations last year interviewing sources and walking through dilapidated buildings, the play analyzed the concept of “home” through the eyes of Richmond residents living – and surviving – amid atrocious conditions in the Hacienda and Nevin housing projects.


A Guide to the Aftermath

Playwright: Jon Bernson
Director: Jennifer Welch
Location: San Francisco, CA
Newsroom: Reveal and The Center for Investigative Reporting (Mimi Chakarova)

Aftermath depicts the struggles of an anonymous female veteran of the Iraq War, living on Skid Row in Los Angeles. Through her story, we experience the reverberations of combat that many veterans experience after returning home, and the compounded effects of military sexual trauma that have become tragically pervasive.



Playwright: William Bivins
Director: Jennifer Welch
Location: San Francisco, CA
Newsroom: The Center for Investigative Reporting (Ryan Gabrielson)

Headlock was written by William Bivins and directed by Jennifer Welch based on Ryan Gabrielson’s investigation into abuse at California’s adult care facilities.